What To Expect

Some patients may be experiencing a particular dental problem or discomfort. It may be appropriate to request a focused examination for diagnosis and treatment to alleviate that chief concern.

Ideally a comprehensive examination is recommended before treatment (even “cleanings”). The examination includes:

Review of medical history
Review of dental health history including past and current concerns
Review any previous x-rays available and determine appropriate updates
Head and neck examination
Examination of all mucosal tissues from the lips to the back of the throat and tongue
Evaluation of the bite (occlusion) and current condition of each tooth
Thorough examination of periodontal (gum tissues) condition

We will then review all of the above findings. A preliminary treatment plan will be developed with recommendations for the best long term outcome and best plan to address your individual concerns. The final plans may be optimized for your time, prioritization and phasing of dental care needs. We may also identify needs for further diagnostic tests if necessary for your care.