Many dentists look at a tooth or mouth using loupes (usually around 2.5x). However, Dr. Hamilton uses 4.5x loupes at a minimum and a microscope with 4 times more visibility when necessary to spot problem areas. Gum tissue and teeth respond to very slight changes, so an accurate and precise view will reduce the chance of irregularities that can create problems and decay in the future. Dr. Hamilton has pioneered many areas of high magnification, precision dental care and has continued to improve the biologic healing over more than 20 years.

This patient had the front filling done several months before at another office, but because precision and detail were not closely followed, leakage and darkening occurred. When necessary Dr. Hamilton will use the clinical microscope for superior vision and results. All labwork is thoroughly checked and improved as needed by Dr. Hamilton with a dental lab microscope at even higher magnification (20x).